Cross Colours, The Discman, Good Television, and Pop Music. In the 90s we all found something to live for. Travel back in time with DJ Amen Ra with as he reminisces about the days when Pop music ruled the airwaves.



Latest Episode

DJ Amen Ra brings two sets of uninterrupted house, while Aperture and HotSauce, joined by in-house guest Giggle Foot AKA Des the Destroyer AKA Diabolical Des AKA GodDES, feed your brains with some comical, knowledge. 

How’s this for a surprise? TB&P is invading the UK! The chaps, along with semi-permanent guest, @DeEnfinite (Charles DeRaun), go into detail on their upcoming business-adventure to London, taking part in the production and direction of a future documentary for legendary funk act, The Blackbyrds.

HotSauce and host, Brandon Russell, delve into the latest TB&P happenings around The District, as well as at your fingertips on the Internets. Could the simple sound of a DMX bark replace a symbol of hate? Nostalgia leads to a discussion on the global impact of the 1993 film The Sandlot and scrambled porn.

Are you tired of Prince-tributes yet? Shut your damn facehole! No you’re not! Besides, you haven’t heard one like this before. This is beautiful! We’re back from LA and recording in DC for the first time since December. Amen Ra pays homage to The Artist.


 The premiere episode of TB&P Presents. “ElectroSoul” focuses on a group of international street dancers who have dedicated their life to their craft. Is being a street dancer the way the movies make it seem?


If someone tries to argue that Nicki Minaj is the best to do it - let'm know.