Jazz + GoGo = JoGo .  The JoGo Project's  debut release available via The Beat & Path. Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming services.

Jazz + GoGo = JoGo. The JoGo Project's debut release available via The Beat & Path. Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming services.



Cross Colours, The Discman, Good Television, and Pop Music. In the 90s we all found something to live for. Travel back in time with DJ Amen Ra with as he reminisces about the days when Pop music ruled the airwaves.



Latest Episode - Episode 27


Being an independent artist isn't easy. You may have the talent and the work ethic but at the end of the day a good lawyer in your corner is important. In this very special (i.e. educational) episode, the TB&P crew dive deep into the wonders of art law with Hardeep Grover of TRESQUIRE Legal Services.  Hardeep breaks down the complexities of contracts and talks about how you can find a lawyer to help you achieve your goals as an artists. When you think of lawyers you think of boring old guys, but Hardeep keeps it interesting and lively.


Bruh, Dynamix is back! He joins the crew after using a few thousand of his frequent flyer miles to visit Washington, DC. With him comes the positivity and "Sunshine" (see what we did there) he brings from the city of angels. Dynamix chops it up with Aperture and Amen Ra after checking out the Redbull 3style US championships right here in DC. We learn about his experience on VH1's Master of the Mix and find out about his humble beginnings as a DJ. *Hint it has something to do with Sunshine*. 

DJ Amen Ra and Aperture are joined by guests JZL, GiggleFoot, and JZL. DJ Amen Ra drops some female artist fire and an exclusive new Edy Blu track! The GODDESSES school us on the art of spirituality and help us connect with our inner selves. We talk about Aperture's dramatic wedding proposal and learn how to speak Australian with Edy Blu.

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Aperture, Des, and DJ Amen Ra are are joined in the studio by DC Producer and DJ Malcolm X. For the first time ever Amen Ra takes a seat and gets to enjoy some tunes while Malcolm delivers us an eclectic set of hip-hop, house, and club smashers. Meanwhile Des hooks the crew up with some exclusive New England donuts with Jameson chasers. Don’t judge! These things go together bruh!

The homie MC Elixir stops by the studio to drop bars like he’s he’s in the gym all day! Fresh off the plane from Hawaii, Elixir schools us on the art of the MC. Elixir has worked with some of the greatest including: Jazzy Jeff, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, MIA, Diplo, and Diddy. Listen & Subscribe!


 The premiere episode of TB&P Presents. “ElectroSoul” focuses on a group of international street dancers who have dedicated their life to their craft. Is being a street dancer the way the movies make it seem?


If someone tries to argue that Nicki Minaj is the best to do it - let'm know.