Isaac Leo was born and raised in Germantown, MD and came from a family of musicians. He started playing drums and guitar as a child, and progressed to making beats at seventeen and later got into rapping and engineering his own music. 

His music is heavily influenced by old school hip-hop, jazz, and reggae which created this custom style of music unlike any other.




Listen to his new single, Stranger (featuring Jay Pound) below. 



Twenty-one year-old Mikey Ambrosino (MyKey) is a solo singer-songwriter from Rockville, Maryland. He has spent the last two years crafting his debut album, Faces, which he released in August of 2017.

All vocals and instrumentation on Faces are done and recorded by Mikey. He also studio engineered his project, learning from his studio mentor and boss of 6 years, Tom Mindte of Patuxent Music.

While working under Tom Mindte, Mikey was predominantly exposed to and helped record Bluegrass and Old-Time music, from which he began to draw inspiration, and eventually combined these genres with his own interests in Rock and Pop. The blend of Pop/Rock and Folk/Bluegrass influences created a unique musical experience that is showcased in Faces.

MyKey plans to release his second project in the summer of 2018.



Leftfingers is a musician/designer from Virginia. He aims to bring not only audio but visual experience using all types of media art. He wants his music to reach ears, inspire those to push through, and turn dreams into reality. He produces his own music and creates all his own cover art and animations.

When he's not creating music, he is a graphic artist and runs a clothing line named Drift Apparel. He will be releasing "Moods", an EP in late Summer/early Fall, and new additions to his clothing line in July. 

Check out his artwork on his Instagram.

I don’t stick to one genre, my ear is all over the place, I create through the moods I am in. I incorporate merch with my singles so you can still the full experience of the culture I live in.
— Leftfingers



Jay Cousteau’s music is a direct reflection of his experiences. Music is his favorite form of expression. He is constantly creating and encourages others to do the same. He creates music with hopes to inspire and change people's lives. 

Jay Cousteau is set to release a new project called Chuck Brown Cousteau. The short project shows the gritty life in DC, based off his personas. Chuck Brown Cousteau will be released on June 1, 2018. 



Occasionally we are blessed with the gift of great music that is born of human experience particularly trials and tribulations. International recording artist Tally has translated her life experiences into pervasive, powerful and consequential tunes that can make audiences tap their toes or swoon in throes of pure romance and wonder. Oftentimes we say that people have an old soul. Tally’s deep, urban, gritty, melodic tunes eagerly remind us that she has that magical ability to craft music that the audience feels.



Be warned. This is not two-bit synthesized music created on a drum machine. This is real music that is poised to speak to a nation of true music fans.

Tally spent several years touring the Eastern seaboard wowing audiences with her passionate singing, writing and performances. The Montclair New Jersey area was where this world class artist spent her formative years after being adopted from Russia at 4 months old.

She channeled the tragedy of the death of her best friend Max to suicide into a song entitled, “Forbidden Land”. Tally now resides in the Washington, DC area, a town known for its legendary roster of musical talent including Roberta Flack, Chuck Brown, Duke Ellington and Donnie Hathaway just to name a few. Tally is poised to join this awesome assemblage of musical titans. The world will soon know one name that is synonymous with greatness.