Twenty-one year-old Mikey Ambrosino (MyKey) is a solo singer-songwriter from Rockville, Maryland. He has spent the last two years crafting his debut album, Faces, which he released in August of 2017.

All vocals and instrumentation on Faces are done and recorded by Mikey. He also studio engineered his project, learning from his studio mentor and boss of 6 years, Tom Mindte of Patuxent Music.

While working under Tom Mindte, Mikey was predominantly exposed to and helped record Bluegrass and Old-Time music, from which he began to draw inspiration, and eventually combined these genres with his own interests in Rock and Pop. The blend of Pop/Rock and Folk/Bluegrass influences created a unique musical experience that is showcased in Faces.

MyKey plans to release his second project in the summer of 2018.