From the creator of the award winning DC based webseries “Walk of Shame” comes a new docuseries titled: TB&P Presents. Each episode of the series will take viewers on an insider's journey into the world of creators. Viewers will learn what really it takes for up and coming artists to make it in today’s world of fast paced content consumption. TB&P Presents is a starting point for viewers to learn more about the media they consume and become more connected to the artists that make it. Directly in line with The Beat & Path’s mission, the series itself is designed to be an ongoing platform to promote new voices and artists who are making strides in their craft.


EPISODE 1 - ELECTROSOUL: The premiere episode: “ElectroSoul” focuses on a group of international street dancers who have dedicated their life to their craft. Is being a street dancer the way the movies make it seem?

PRE-EPISODE - DJ-AS1 Shows his love of turntablism in one of DC's most undiscovered locations: Dupont Underground.